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Namaste and Welcome to Lotus Heart Yoga & Reiki


Please note Lotus Heart Studio is currently closed. In home yoga and reiki classes are available by appointment. For more information please contact chala@lotusheartyoga.ca or call 647-200-4839

Lotus Heart offers pure, simple and accessible yoga in the ancient tradition, passing knowledge from teacher to each student, to provide an individualized learning experience for each student and an opportunity to develop a meaningful and safe personal practice.

Yoga can help you re-discover your inner stillness, innate wisdom and find a new state of physiacl and mental freedom.

Let us assit you in reaching your goal and creating lasting change in your life whetheher you are looking to reduce stress, ehance your clarity, physical and mental wellbeing, ease chronic pain, sleep better, feel happier, be more peaceful or present.



May you be free from inner and outer forms of harm

May you be peaceful and content

May you be healthy and strong in body and mind

May you know the great ease of wellbeing in your lifetime

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